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My art is printmaking. Perhaps a metaphor for life in a general, printmaking is an exercise in controlled risk. Many prints are lost in the printmaking process, but when the various elements of this complicated medium are employed with artistic skill and detailed precision, they coalesce into a pattern of striking beauty. The finished work is often affected by unintended changes caused by the inherent nature of the tools, the medium and the process. These “accidents” are gold. My fascination with the realm of possibilities in each individual outcome keeps me intrigued.

Having come full circle in an artistic career spanning four decades, approximately ten years ago I rediscovered printmaking, an art form I first explored as an undergrad student at Trinity University in San Antonio. Along the way, I have been involved with painting, paper crafts, commercial art, teaching art and art therapy.

My personal odyssey has taught me much. Most importantly, I have come to understand my heart’s true desire. I find that while I am drawn to many different styles of self-expression, none is dearer to me than the art that surrounded me as a child. The beautiful, unique folk art painted by my mother and maternal grandmother filled me with awe. I now realize this piece of my heritage was whispering to me, as a quiet refrain of incomparable beauty, as I wandered in search of my own creative path.

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